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Freedom Capital Management Strategies

FCMS is a comprehensive, dynamic asset management platform constructed to serve investors in the midst of an ever changing global economy.

Through the leadership of experienced, independent financial advisors, the platform provides customized investment solutions designed to meet the uniquely important goals of each investor.

Risk Assist Defined

Risk Assist is a risk management overlay strategy available to investors through Freedom Capital Management Strategies®. The objective of Risk Assist is to decrease volatility and reduce losses in difficult market environments by decreasing exposure to a portfolio of growth assets, typically equities, and reallocating these assets to a portfolio of low risk U.S. Treasury mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs). Risk Assist accomplishes this objective by analyzing the portfolio of growth assets and applying a proprietary volatility forecasting model to determine if an allocation to U.S. Treasury mutual funds or ETFs is necessary to reduce the risk of the investment portfolio given current market conditions. Risk Assist is designed for investors who seek to participate in the upside of equity markets but who also desire downside protection in difficult markets. In seeking this downside protection, investors are exposed to the potential opportunity cost of not fully participating in the upside of equity markets.

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