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Not wanting to outlive your investment dollars is a common concern we hear at Covenant Planning. Making sure that your investments are on-track to meet your long-term income goals is a key part of our planning process.

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We use money managers to help formulate a unique investment plan that fits your personal risk tolerance. We will help you decide if you should be an accumulator of assets or if it is time to start protecting the assets you have worked so hard to acquire.

Client Centered

As fiduciaries, you can feel confident that the advice being provided by our advisors is tailor-made to your specific situation. Our decades of investment planning experience means that we are more than qualified to guide you through the most complex planning situations.

Covenant Planning has multiple risk-mitigation strategies and tools to help you receive market-based returns and yet reduce your exposure to extreme drops in the market. Risk Assist® is one tool we have available. Please watch this short video to learn more about how it works to protect your investments during significant market corrections.

Client Centered

You can begin today by receiving a free portfolio analysis to determine how close your current investment portfolio matches your individual risk tolerance. Click on the link to get started