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Income is the building block of your retirement plan. It can come from many sources including Social Security, retirement savings, and pension benefits. The challenge is how to maximize each source of income to provide you with the best strategy over your lifetime.

Client Centered

Our advisors will work with you to determine the best time to take your Social Security benefits and how to manage through coordinating the benefits of a significant other, living through a divorce, or dealing with the tragic loss of a spouse. We have extensive experience with Ohio’s STRS and PERS programs and have helped many Federal employees make decisions around their FERS retirement resources.

Client Centered

We incorporate many different tools to help you understand your income needs today and in the future and how your investments can support those needs. One of the programs we offer is Real Income®, a unique investment portfolio that provides you a 4%-, 5%-, or 6%-income stream while striving to protect your assets from extreme losses in the market. The video below can provide more information:

Client Centered

We also work with outside companies that can help retires with private pension plans maximize the value of their income stream and make is available to the next generation.

To start down this road of discovery, please click on the picture to the left to go to our Social Security Income portal and see how decisions made today can have a significant impact on your lifetime income.