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Taking care of your health can be one of the most expensive parts of retirement. That is why Covenant Planning takes a proactive approach to planning for your healthcare expenses. We have multiple Medicare Advisors who can help you make sense of the ever-changing landscape of Part A, Part B, supplemental, and Medicare Advantage policies. This is something we work on all year around, not just during open enrollment. Every individual’s situation is unique and a policy that is right for your neighbor or your family member may not be the right one for you. Click on the Covenant Medicare link for more information and one of our experienced Medicare Advisors will help you review your options.

Long-term care is another area that can have a significant impact on your retirement planning. states that a person turning 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services in their lifetime. There are multiple ways that you can pay for these required services including:

Client Centered
  • Paying for the services from your investment dollars

  • Buying Long Term Care Insurance

  • Using an asset-based plan to help offset costs

  • Incorporate a Medicaid Trust into your estate planning process

Our advisors can help you decide what mix works best for you and your situation and help you establish a plan that not only makes sense, but one that allows you to receive care in the form most comfortable to you.