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As a fiduciary, our job is to provide you guidance that meets your individual situation.  Families and individuals come to us with many different needs and we have to be flexible on how these clients pay for our services.  So, we offer three different options:

Assets Under Management:  We offer a sliding scale based on total assets under management that starts at 1% of assets managed plus an additional fee for the money manager and custodian.  We will review your fees, based upon the models chosen and the asset level managed, before you ever do business with us so that you can determine if this payment structure meets your needs.  We believe this is an efficient way for you to pay for all of our services and it helps keep us both focused on those activities that will not only benefit your portfolio but move you forward in your goals.  This fee is paid quarterly from your investment accounts and is clearly itemized on your quarterly statements.

Annual Fee-For-Service:  Many clients come to us with an investment plan already in place, but need help with other areas of their retirement planning.  In addition, there are clients who would like to manage their investments on their own with a relationship that allows us to step in at some point in the future, especially if a key spouse should pass away.  We will work with you to determine a fee that fits your needs and will encompass the services you need.  This fee is paid on a quarterly basis by either check or credit card.

Hourly Rates:  Some clients just need specific, short-term advice about their retirement or estate planning.  We offer per-hourly rates starting at $250/hour to help you get the answers you need as quickly as possible.  These fees are invoiced monthly and are payable by either check or credit card.

Covenant Planning is here to help you get to, and through, retirement successfully.  Contact our office today to set up an initial appointment.  We would love to chat!